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Crap Need Some Art Ideas

2010-06-25 02:03:08 by MADDNESFAN

Damn its late here in my country its like 1:01 in the morning.
Im so addicted to Counter Strike that i cant stop playing!
Anyways... i need art ideas for madness day '10.
For those who like the previous art please give some ideas.
Now, if you'll excuse me im gonna go to bed.

Dead Frontier

2010-06-04 19:58:47 by MADDNESFAN

Hey there!
If you are reading this then make a dead frontier account at:
And if you alredy have an account please give me a Dilmar PS (chainsaw).
See ya later and dont forget to gime the dilmar, my account name is hankmad.


2010-05-30 16:24:39 by MADDNESFAN

More art coming soon for those who liked the other art.


2010-03-26 16:46:09 by MADDNESFAN

Im triying to make more Art, but the bad thing is that most of the drawings i've made are way to big, so newgrounds wouldn't accept them, so wait till i get some ideas of what to draw next.


hi im back

2010-03-07 17:11:25 by MADDNESFAN

hey, uh for the small amount of people that visit my stupid newgrounds blog, plesase be aware that i have been playing many games for a long time and, well i would like to say that i am going to make some art submissions to the art portal.

my friend from school gave me idea (that guy is lerico, he made a madness dude called ''casino'')
now i know that i didn't make this account to make flash submissions so, when i found out that there was an art portal, i knew i had to make something there.

P.S. : please scout lerico on his ''casino'' drawing.

Madness Combat 5.5

2009-08-28 17:23:10 by MADDNESFAN

Madness combat 5.5 is going to be about Sanford and Deimos also tricky is going to make an appearence and i don't know anything else
Oh and there's a picture!

Madness Combat 5.5


2009-07-24 17:43:19 by MADDNESFAN

How do i make the links work?

hello everybody
yeah know this is not the last medal, but for me it is. Now that i have most of the medals there are only 2 remaining.
So please help me out people.

please people i really want to get that medal
and the tried the all medal please experts i need some advice...

Thing-Thing Arena 3 - medals

2009-05-14 18:26:35 by MADDNESFAN

Today i won 2 new thing thing arena 3 medals!
But i still want to get 2 more how do i do it?
that question goes to all the experts.
i wanna get the execution medal.
please help me!!!